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Tricycle Promotions in Mumbai

Tricycle promotions are designed to spread the knowledge of launch of new product or launch of new services by a company . Generally this mode of advertisement is done by the local companies who want to spread the knowledge of their products and services in the area . The tricycle promotions catch the attention of the customers and potential customers in short period of time , as the promotions have high visibility due to the passage of tricycles through the streets and road of the city .
Our experienced designers , professionals from the field of advertisement managed and designed the whole campaign in accordance with the promotional need of the client . In Tricycle Promotions in Mumbai , the use of bright attractive colors with eye- catching designs and slogan , can achieve the desired result within few hours . The promotion can be targeted to achieve the local goal or move across the city . The tricycle can be moved in the pre planned way or they can be allowed to go anywhere according to the passengers who board them . In both ways the intended results will be achieved at cost which is not even half of the traditional outdoor advertisement cost .

It is also an eco friendly, noise- less , environment pollution free way to deliver the message of the client . To make the promotion more attractive , we use the services of artists and graphic designers to enhance the appeal of the promotion material that is put on the tricycles . We make sure that material used for creating the promotion is water resistant , dust and dirt resistance and has anti -fading colors . The duration of the tricycle promotion is generally not very long , but it can be used to highlight the launch of new product or services effectively .