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Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Mumbai

Auto rickshaw advertising the one of the most effective advertising means enabling high visibility to the products and services at cost effective rates . The auto rickshaw advertising grabs the attention of the customers and clients . The auto rickshaw takes an advertising to different parts of the city , which allows the advertising to attract the attention of potential clients on various vehicles , walking on street and just passing by .
We plan the auto rickshaw advertising after discussing with client the intended goals and marketing objectives . We carefully planned and executed auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai gives high visibility to the client within short period of time . The guidelines of the client are incorporated into the advertisement . Generally ,the products and services that are meant for the local consumption are advertised through the auto-rickshaw advertising . There are several benefits that a client takes from the auto-rickshaw advertising . The cost of auto-rickshaw advertising is the lowest compared to hoarding and banners . The entire city is covered within a day ,as an average roaming time of an auto-rickshaw is 16 hours from morning to evening .

The number of eye balls that an auto-rickshaw advertising attracts is always more than the hoarding , as it moves through high streets , college areas, residential areas and business districts in 24 hours . We also ensure that the advertising is covered within the framework of brand identity , so as to promote the brand awareness for the company as well . Our understanding of the market and techniques of the brand promotion help us to give highly effective auto rickshaw advertising services to the company . On the guidelines of the client , we can also make the advertisement relevant to the particular part of the city to hit the desired client base .