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Wall Painting Advertising in Mumbai

Wall painting is one of the most cost effective ways of promoting the product and services of the business of a client . It is an effective way to catch the attention of the passerby customer both on vehicles and pedestrians . The best part of the wall painting advertisement is that it can be done in any part of the city and hardly any infrastructure is required that has to be installed by the service provider . It can be done in urban , semi- urban and rural areas of any city or state .
We have assembled a team of professional painters , graphic artists and advertisement professionals to take the campaign . Our use computers , scientific methods and computerised stencils in our wall painting advertising in Mumbai to have a uniform design on the entire wall . We also discuss the plan with the client to know the kind of product and services that a client wants to highlight . We then use the best colours , with strong fading resistance , to provide the long lasting advertisements to clients. The combinations of professionals from advertisement field , graphic artists and designers help us to provide the highly effective services to the clients .

We make sure that the selection of wall is given due consideration as the place should attract the attention of passer bys who are just not searching for the particular information on the walls . Our professionals well versed in outdoor advertisement help us to select the high visibility walls .
Our services help the client to promote the brand on the major roads of the city , highways , and in the areas of institutions , residential communities , and around different parts of the city . Again , we use the language , colour , and font to match the brand value and advertisement goals of the the client .